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Information To Come. With the cancellation of our companion convention (2021 Fall ACI Convention in Atlanta) due to the ongoing issues with COVID, our in-person NPA events have been cancelled as well. The 2021 NPA General Meeting will now be held virtually, as per below.

Date/Time: 1:00 pm Mountain Time on October 14, 2021
NOTE: A Teams meeting link will be sent out to the members by the 11th of Oct. If you don't have a link by the morning of the 12th, send an email to requesting the link.
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Natural Pozzolan Symposium

The Natural Pozzolan Symposium is held every two years. Informtion on upcoming symposia will be posted here.

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Sunrise Resources: The Company is delighted to announce the issue of the mine permit for its CS Perlite-Pozzolan Project in Nevada, USA... reveal content

July 29, 2020


“This positive mine permit decision comes after 2-1/2 years of mine planning, environmental studies and reporting,” said Sunrise Executive Chairman Patrick Cheetham. “We can now move forward with the staged development of mining and mineral processing operations at the CS Project. This is required to secure offtake agreements and the grant of the mining permit will be a major catalyst in this process. The mine permit comes at a propitious time as cement industry demand is growing for natural pozzolan as a fly ash replacement and the horticultural demand for perlite is increasing with the rising cultivation of medicinal marijuana. We believe that this is a major value-adding milestone for the Company and puts the project firmly on the map as one of just a few permitted deposits of perlite and high quality natural pozzolan in the US.”

The CS Project is located approximately 24 miles northwest of Tonopah, in Esmeralda County, Nevada, USA and is held by the Company’s 100% owned subsidiary SR Minerals Inc. (SRM).

The BLM’s Environmental Assessment (EA) for the CS Project is now final. The BLM, having now evaluated the EA, has handed down a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Company’s Mine Plan of Operations and accordingly determined that an Environmental Impact Statement is not required per Section 102(2) (c) of the National Environmental Policy Act. The FONSI recognizes the positive contributions that the use of natural pozzolan can make to a reduction in CO2 emissions in the US as a replacement in the cement industry for the fly ash from coal-fired power stations.

FThe BLM has also issued its Decision Record approving and authorising the Company’s Mine Plan of Operations. This now allows the Company to develop the CS Mine according to that plan and in compliance with the various environmental mitigation measures and best practice measures proposed by the Company in its various submissions to the BLM. The BLM authorised Mine Plan of Operations covers the production of 1,656,000 tons of perlite and 14,523,000 tons of natural pozzolan over a 27-year period.

CONTACT: Patrick Cheetham, +44 (0)1625 838 884


Salt River Materials Group (SRMG): Latest capital investment at Tucson Electric Power site includes equipment to blend Class F fly ash from SRMG’s supply network with a regionally available natural pozzolan... reveal content

July 16, 2020


In recent years securing a consistent supply of high-quality fly ash has been a challenge for some of the United States construction markets. Salt River Materials Group (SRMG), a fly ash and pozzolan marketer in the Southwest U.S. since 1973, understands the challenges of maintaining sufficient availability of quality products. For the past four decades, SRMG focused investment on innovative projects, such as beneficiation of otherwise unusable fly ashes, and now blending various sources of fly ashes and other pozzolanic materials to extend the supply of high-quality fly ash, typically used in ready-mix concrete production. On July 16, 2020 at its Tucson Terminal, SRMG commissioned its second blending facility.

Using the new precision blending equipment, SRMG incorporates ASTM C618 Class F fly ash from SRMG’s supply network with a regionally available ASTM C618 Class N natural pozzolan to create the resulting ASTM C1697 blended product. Marketed as “Tucson Pozzolan” the consistent, high-quality blend expands the availability of this critical material beyond previously available quantities in the market.

To prepare for importation of fly ash and natural pozzolan by truck or rail into the Tucson Terminal for blending, SRMG rehabilitated and expanded the existing infrastructure. In addition to the rail project, SRMG purchased and installed precision blending equipment and retro-fitted silos, providing safe and dust-free customer truck loading capability for Tucson Pozzolan.

At a time when coal-burning power plants are shutting down, potentially reducing fly ash availability, SRMG is focused on innovation. With another stable source of quality product added to the extensive supply network, Tucson Pozzolan will allow SRMG to maintain its reputation as a dependable and major fly ash marketer in the southwestern U.S. that can be trusted to deliver for years to come.

About SRMG: Salt River Materials Group (SRMG) is the commercial trade name for marketing activities of Phoenix Cement Company and Salt River Sand and Rock. SRMG, headquartered at the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community’s Chaparral Business Park near Scottsdale, Arizona, is the only Native American-owned producer of portland cement in the U.S., and is also a major manufacturer and marketer of sand and gravel and recycled coal combustion products (fly ash) and pozzolans throughout Arizona and the southwestern United States.

CONTACT: Dale Diulus / James Carusone • 480-850-5757


CR Minerals: Announcing the expansion of operations in Pueblo, CO. The expansion will more than triple the production output of the facility... reveal content

June 5, 2020


FORT WORTH, TX – CR Minerals, a leading manufacturer of pumice products and construction materials, has announced the expansion of its operations in Pueblo, CO. The company will be investing over $11 million and adding approximately 8 more jobs to its existing staff over the next three years. The expansion will more than triple the production output of the facility enabling CR Minerals to serve its customers in Colorado and surrounding states well into the future.

The CO facility focuses on the production of a patented remediated fly ash (Tephra® RFA) as well as other products (Tephra® OG and Tephra® NP) that are geared toward the construction materials as well as oil and gas industries.

“We are very excited about the expansion of our plant in Pueblo,” said Jeffrey Whidden, President of CR Minerals Company. “The continued growth of our business in CO and declining availability of high- quality fly ash for our customers are the driving forces behind our decision. Expanding the plant at this time, even in these uncertain economic conditions, will enable us to serve our customers uninterrupted for years to come. As part of this expansion, we once again thank the City of Pueblo, PEDCO, and the area’s workforce for their continued support.”

The City of Pueblo through the Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO) has provided funding for the expansion in the amount of $160,000 as part of the City’s half cent fund for economic development. “Pueblo is thrilled to be selected as the location for CR Minerals’ continued expansion.” said Jeff Shaw, President and CEO of PEDCO.

About CR Minerals Company, LLC: CR Minerals Company, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas is a global leader in pumice products and is a manufacturer of pozzolanic materials (natural pozzolans and remediated fly ashes) for the construction and oil and gas industries. CR Minerals has operations in New Mexico and Colorado and is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

CONTACT: Elizabeth Palacios, Pueblo Office Manager • (719) 239-7867 •


Kirkland Mining Company: Kirkland Mining Company (KMC) has partnered with Boral Resources—America’s leading manufacturer of fly ash products—to develop KMC's natural pozzolan mining operation near Kirkland, Arizona... reveal content

August, 2020


Boral Resources will excavate and grind natural pozzolan in a facility to be constructed on KMC private lands near Kirkland, Arizona, 90 miles northwest of Phoenix. Production is expected to ramp up to approximately 500,000 tons per year.

Construction at the Kirkland site is scheduled to commence fall 2020 with site-clearing activities. All site clearing will be conducted in a manner to protect local wildlife corridors. Following site preparation, a light manufacturing facility that will include dryers and grinding equipment will be built at the site.

Kirkland high-quality natural pozzolans will play a crucial role in improving the quality of concrete products and infrastructure across several western states. Kirkland high-quality natural pozzolans feature unique chemistry and morphology (physical shape and makeup) that make their performance in concrete competitive with, and often better than, the highest-quality fly ashes and natural pozzolans currently in the market. Additionally, their distinct and special value in the marketplace, and Kirkland’s relative proximity to several large end-use markets, make the site’s development economically and logistically preferable to other natural pozzolan deposits located in very isolated areas.

In addition to improving concrete quality, natural pozzolan use results in significant environmental benefits. Each ton of natural pozzolan used in concrete effectively eliminates the production of 0.8 to 1.0 tons of carbon dioxide emissions through direct displacement of the production of portland cement. Pozzolan use in the United States today annually reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 12 million tons.

For the past several decades, fly ash produced by coal-burning power plants has been the dominant pozzolan used in concrete production. But as these power plants close in response to environmental consideration and competition from other energy sources, demand for pozzolans from other sectors is increasing rapidly. The Kirkland high-quality natural pozzolan may be used as a direct substitute for fly ash.

ABOUT KIRKLAND MINING COMPANY: A family-owned Arizona corporation, Kirkland Mining Company completed the stringent process for obtaining all necessary approvals to mine the high-quality natural pozzolan deposit near Kirkland, Arizona. In late 2019, the company joined forces with Boral Resources to proceed with mining and marketing of this unique deposit.

ABOUT BORAL RESOURCES: Servicing 135 locations in 45 states, Boral Resources is the nation’s leading marketer of fly ash products and natural pozzolans. The company operates an extensive distribution network for fly ash and related products and provides site services to power plants.

CONTACT: KMC • 480-209-1103


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