Membership Information

We invite you to join us in our efforts to educate industry on the performance advantages of natural pozzolans and to ensure the standards and specifications set forth by regulatory bodies for natural pozzolans are both accurate and effective.

Membership Categories

Use the following membership category descriptions to determine which best describes your NP involvement.

REGULAR MEMBERS: Natural Pozzolan (NP) production and sales in excess of 10,000 tons/year. Regular members have voting rights in the association. One vote per manufacturer or producer. ($5,000/year)

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Prospective producers of NP (or current producers with less than 10,000 tons/year production and sales of NP); Marketers or brokers of NP, Suppliers of equipment, materials, or services to the NP industry, and others in a related capacity. ($1,500/year)

AFFILIATE MEMBERS: Affiliate members are organizations or individuals with the same goals as the Association, but are not eligible for membership as a Regular or Associate Member. Examples of Affiliate Members are engineering firms, environmental firms, law firms, end-users of NPs (i.e. ready-mix producers, highway pavers, cement and wallboard producers, block producers, precast producers, cementitious materials containing NP, etc.), universities, agricultural interests, and organizations or individuals that promote the use of NPs in green building and sustainable development, and general NP enthusiasts. ($500/$300 year depending on size–see membership application)

Benefits of Membership

Your participation in the NPA strengthens a unified industry voice establishing natural pozzolans as the go-to source for effective concrete mix designs. Your membership helps us develop and enhance quality standards for natural pozzolans—a benefit to both producers and consumers. Our common voice creates an awareness of the need for natural pozzolans to improve sustainability AND durability, lower the carbon footprint in every yard of poured concrete, and enhance the long term strength of our infrastructure.

NPA Committees

The Natural Pozzolan Association spreads its influence and provides a great deal of value to its members via the work done by our committees. Please consider contributing to our effectiveness by serving on a committee—in Section 4 on the Membership Application form, simply check the boxes next to the committee(s) of interest.

MEMBERSHIP/EVENTS. Chair: Areta Zouvas




R&D/TESTING. Chair: Chris Fagouri


Membership Application

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM and PAYMENT BUTTON: Complete and submit the online application form, then use the PAY DUES button at the bottom to pay the membership dues.

Membership Renewal

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM and PAYMENT BUTTON: Update company or point-of-contact information (if necessary), select membership category, complete certification block, submit renewal information, and then use the PAY RENEWAL button to complete renewal of the annual membership.

Meetings and Events

MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS: A schedule of upcoming NPA MEETINGS and EVENTS is published on the NPA Events page.

The Natural Pozzolan Association (NPA) is a network of natural pozzolan producers working to improve the performance and durability of the nation’s concrete infrastructure.


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